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Injectable Vitamin C: Effective Treatment for Viral and Other Diseases

Front Matter

Ch. 1 - The Discovery of Vitamin C, Albert Szent-Gyorgi, M.D., Ph.D., 1893-1986, A. Hoffer

Ch. 2 - Inactivation of Poliomyelitis Virus in Vitro by Crystalline Vitamin C, Claus W. Jungeblut

Ch. 3 - Inhibitive Effect of Vitamin C on Toxin Production by C. diphtheria, J. Kligler

Ch. 4 - Virus Pneumonia and Its Treatment with Vitamin C, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 5 - The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 6 - Massive Doses of Vitamin C and the Virus Diseases, F. R. Klenner

Ch. 7 - Vitamin C in the Prophylaxis and Therapy of Infectious Diseases, W. J. McCormick

Ch. 8 - Ascorbic Acid as a Chemotherapeutic Agent, W. J. McCormick

Ch. 9 - The Vitamin and Massage Treatment for Acute Poliomyelitis, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 10 - The Use of Vitamin C as an Antibiotic, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 11 - The Treatment of Trichinosis with Massive Doses of Vitamin C and Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 12 - Recent Discoveries in the Treatment of Lockjaw with Vitamin C and Tolserol, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 13 - Treatment of Hepatitis with Infusions of Ascorbic Acid: Comparison with Other Therapies, H. Baur and H. Staub

Ch. 14 - An ‘Insidious’ Virus, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 15 - The Black Widow Spider: Case History, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 16 - The Clinical Evaluation and Treatment of a Deadly Syndrome Caused by an Insidious Virus, Frederick R. Klenner

Ch. 17 - The Role of Ascorbic Acid in Therapeutics, Fred R. Klenner

Ch. 18 - Virus Encephalitis as a Sequela of the Pneumonias, Frederick R. Klenner

Ch. 19 - Acute Hepatitis Treated with High Doses of Vitamin C: Report of a Case, H. B. Calleja and R. H. Brooks

Ch. 20 - Massive Doses of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Viral Diseases, Wilson L. Dalton

Ch. 21 - Efficacy of Vitamin C in Counteracting Tetanus Toxin Toxicity, P. K. Dey

Ch. 22 - Observations on the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range of a Vitamin in Human Pathology, Frederick R. Klenner

Ch. 23 - Prevention of Rabies by Vitamin C, S. Banic

Ch. 24 - Venomous Bites and Vitamin C Status, Phyllis Cilento, Archie Kalokerinos, Ian Dettman and Glen Dettman

Ch. 25 - Vitamin C Utilization Status in Chronic Alcoholic Patients after Short-Term Intravenous Therapy, Sisir K. Majumdar, Shanta Patel, G. K. Shaw, P. O’Gorman and Allan D. Thomson

Ch. 26 - The Dangers of Calcium and Safety of Sodium Ascorbate, Archie Kalokerinos, Ian Dettman, and Glen Dettman

Ch. 27 - Ascorbate — The Proof of the Pudding!, Archie Kalokerinos, Ian Dettman, and Glen Dettman

Ch. 28 - A Cure for Mushroom Poisoning, M.D. Laing

Ch. 29 - Effect of Ascorbic Acid in the Treatment of Tetanus, K. Jahan, K. Ahmad and M.A. Ali

Ch. 30 - Rapid Recovery from Ecstasy Intoxication, C.E. Beyers

Ch. 31 - Therapeutic Efficacy of High-Dose Vitamin C on Acute Pancreatitis and its Potential Mechanisms, Wei Dong Du, Zu-Rong Yuan, Jian Sun, Jian-Xiong Tang, Ai-Qun Cheng, Da-Ming Shen, Chun-Jin Huang, Xiao-Hua Song, Xiao-Feng Yu, Song-Bai Zheng

Ch. 32 - Intraveneous Ascorbic Acid as a Treatment for Severe Jellyfish Stings, Selva Kumar, Jorge R. Miranda-Massari, Michael A. González, Hugh D. Riordan

Ch. 33 - Vitamin C Pharmacokinetics: Implications for Oral and Intravenous Use, Sebastian J. Padayatty, He Sun, Yaohui Wang, Hugh D. Riordan, Stephen M. Hewitt, Arie Katz, Robert A. Wesley and Mark Levine

Ch. 34 - Vitamin C as an Ergogenic Aid, Michael J. González, Jorge R. Miranda, and Hugh D. Riordan

Ch. 35 - Antioxidant Vitamin C Improves Endothelial Function in Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Mathias Grebe, Hans Joachim Eisele, Norbert Weissmann, Christian Schaefer, Harald Tillmanns, Werner Seeger, and Richard Schulz

Ch. 36 - Treatment of Postherpetic Neuralgia with Intravenous Administration of Vitamin C, Jen-Yin Chen, Chin-Chen Chu, Edmund C. So, Chung-Hsi Hsing, and Miao-Lin Hu

Ch. 37 - The Origin of the 42-Year Stonewall of Vitamin C, Robert Landwehr

Ch. 38 - Medical Resistance to Innovation, Robert Forman

Book Review, by Dr. Abram Hoffer

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