The Myriad Benefits of IntravenousVitamin C

There’s no doubt that Vitamin C is an essential element of the human diet, but how much of it we need, and how much of it we can absorb are two very moot points.

This site has been put together by an amateur, Andy McBride, principally because the benefits of injecting vitamin C have been literally life changing and I hope to communicate the information to others.

My Experience with Injecting Vitamin C

My experience with this was so profound and life altering I credit it with putting me in in remission from a very serious health complaint. This site isn’t about ‘my miraculous cure’ but simply an open forum which I’ll populate with information as I find it about why this works, and what conditions it may be appropriate for.

I genuinely think that this represents one of the most powerful healing modalities in existence and it needs to be better known.

Two other potent superfoods have completed the picture for me:

Marine Phytoplankton by Health Factory

Nano Silver by Health Factory